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日本のグリル:そばとわさびサーモン (Wasabi Salmon with Sesame Soba Noodles)

OK, so part two of my foray into Japanese grilling included the main course consisting of Wasabi/Soy Salmon on a bed of chilled organic sesame soba noodles. This was a very simple main course to prepare and it came with a few learning points. Mainly, make sure your temperature doesn’t skyrocket. I usually make salmon absolutely perfectly. This time? Well, it was just a smidge overdone. Anyway, the recipe for the fish goes a lot like this:

  1. 7 salmon steaks (skin on)

  2. 3 tsp wasabi paste

  3. 6 tsp brown sugar

  4. 3 tbsp sake

  5. 3 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

  6. 9 tbsp shoyu

Combine the above in a non reactive bowl and whisk it until smooth. Set aside about 6 tbsp for drizzling after you’ve grilled your fish. Set up your grill for direct heat and stabilise at about 350-400F. I was impatient and grilled for 20 minutes at a slightly higher temperature and slightly overdid it. Anyway, with steaks like these, 15 minutes would be the max I’d advise on direct heat. Also, the hotter the grill, the harder it is to ensure the salmon skin doesn’t stick. I may try a thin rack next time over the main grid.

Now, the soba noodles can be prepared well ahead of time and chilled in the fridge. The recipe for the soba noodles goes like this:

  1. 4 tbsp toasted sesame seeds (toast them up in a dry pan and make sure you watch out for burning. Just a few minutes will do and ensure you shake them around. Once they start to change colour and go a lovely brown shade, take them off the heat and set them aside.

  2. 500 g of soba noodles (I could only find the organic kind….oooooohhhhh, fancy!)

  3. 6 tbsp shoyu

  4. 2 tbsp dark sesame oil.

Cook the noodles in a large pot with slightly salted boiling water and a touch of vegetable oil to prevent sticking. Cook for about 5 minutes, drain and rinse immediately with cold water. Then, drain it again and add the noodles back in a big bowl, adding the toasted seeds, shoyu and sesame oil. Mix it really gently but really well so that the noodles get coated in all that lovely stuff. Cover the bowl with some cling film and pop it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

OK, set up your pates with a nice helping of soba noodles then lay your salmon steaks on top. Don’t forget to drizzle them with the leftover wasabi sauce. We served the salmon with grilled miso eggplant and that recipe will come tomorrow night….

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Overall Heather Rating: 7/10 (marks off for overdoing the salmon!)….at least I’m honest!

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