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A “New” Rib Recipe


It wasn’t all bad in the end but I’d certainly adjust the directions to get a slightly different result. In our case, everyone around the dinner table was thrilled with the final product, except me. I thought the timing was too long for the first and second phases and I practically omitted the last phase as the ribs were more than done! Following Dr BBQ’s method resulted in the ultimate in “fall off the bone” ribs and that’s undeniable, but there was no pretty plating of the ribs and well, it ended up a being a delicious wad of pork and bones all thrown onto a serving plate for all of us to tuck into.

Perhaps I’m being overly critical but I kind of like ribs with a bit of bite required and it’s got to look nice too. Would I recommend this recipe? For sure! The rub and the glaze are excellent. The timing, if adjusted, should result in a fantastic rib result!