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Garlic with a bit of Pork Loin

Hey there blog fans. Here’s a quick and simple recipe for you to try out on your grill. Its so simple it would be silly not to try it out. We prepped this one on a Monday night and shared it with 5 of us in the house.

Get yourself a decent sized pork loin, not a tenderloin but the big thick bad boy that comes out of the rib cage of poor “Porky” that gave up his life for our tummies. All you’ll need to do is simply this:

  1. 4 Tbsp of light soy sauce

  2. 1/3 cup of honey

  3. 6 cloves of fresh garlic, minced

  4. Save another tbsp of soy and 2 tbsp of honey as a drizzle.

  5. 10 more cloves of garlic finely minced

  6. a few glugs of olive oil

Take your pork loin and give it a bit of a rinse. Pat it dry and then place it in a zip-top bag. Combine the soy sauce, honey and stir well until combined. Add your minced garlic and mix it all up and then pour the contents into the zip top bag. No need for any oil or other seasoning as the soy will give plenty of sodium whilst balanced out by the honey. Put the bag into a bowl (in case it leaks) and put it in the fridge for anywhere from 8-24 hours.

When you’re ready to grill, set up your cooker for indirect heat and reach for a grid level temperature of 375F. Take the loin out of the bag, discard the marinade and place it fat side up on a v-rack on the grid. I didn’t add any wood chips so as not to take away from the sweet/salty nature of the marinade. Insert an internal temperature probe and you’ll be looking to reach an internal temperature of 145F. That should take about an hour or so.

Once you’re near 145F, carefully take the loin off the grid, and even more carefully, remove your platesetter and get the loin over direct flame and sear it for a few more minutes on every side to get a bit of a crunch going. Once you’ve reached your temperature goal, remove the loin and let it rest, uncovered. No sense in making that lovely crunch soggy by keeping it tented under aluminium foil.

At this point (or a little bit earlier) take the other minced garlic and fry it up in a few glugs of olive oil. Get it nice and crunchy but not burnt. The fried garlic will give a slightly bitter taste that balances the other sweet and salty flavours of the loin. Combine the last of the soy sauce and honey and mix together well. Slice your pork loin on a 45 degree angle, nice and thin and then simply drizzle the sauce and throw on the garlic chips.

We served this pork loin with a wonderfully refreshing feta salad. All in all, this took very little effort and yielded a series of winning smiles around the dinner table.

Let me know if this works for you!

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Overall Heather Rating: 10/10

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