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Salmon on the egg

Heather loves salmon, I mean really loves salmon. So we were excited to try one of the fish recipes and particularly now that Roman had tracked down a local supplier in Singapore for cedar planks. Staying true to Roman’s Canadian roots we started with Maple Glazed Salmon.

Salmon prepped and on the plank

Now this recipe is based on a recipe on epicurious but we didn’t use scallions/spring onions and we set the egg to 400F and cooked the Salmon on the cedar plank for 15mins. Heather was a bit skeptical about the cedar plank but it tasted amazing and you could really taste and smell the cedar. The plank still looks good for another couple of goes so we will definitely be having this one again. We had one steak leftover so Heather and I can fight over that in the morning.

Maple Glazed Salmon ready for eating

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