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She Cooks, He Cleans, We Eat!

Hello one and all and a special hello to Nancy and James who provided tonight’s recipe…Kofta Kebabs!

I was trolling around their excellent blog “She Cooks He Cleans” and thought oh my…we gotta give this a try!  So for this time, Nancy please forgive me for shamelessly stealing a wonderful recipe (originally found here) and allowing me to share it with my darling family!

I followed Nancy’s recipe to the letter however I did improvise the Ras-El-Hanout and we added aubergine and red peppers to the skewers along with a tasty spinach yogurt, carrot/pistachio salad  and rosemary flat bread.

Its a bit of a lazy blog today however, we’ll be back later with Alex’s Permanent Residency Homemade Smore Pie, especially made for his new PR sister Kalyna!


Overall Heather Rating: 9/10

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