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For millennia humans have used earthenware pots for the storage and preparation of delicious food. Across the globe earthenware pots have been dug up by archeologists and in some cases, were discovered to date back more than 3000 years. From these earthenware pots, the modern day Kamado evolved. As technology progressed, so did the Kamado. Earthenware was replaced by modern ceramic materials which is what we tend to use most often today.

This incredibly simple yet ingenious cooking device has developed into multiple variations used extensively across numerous cultures celebrating the culinary diversity of our world. From the Punjabi "Tandoor" to the Armenian "Tonir" to the Azerbaijani "Tandir",  or the Japanese "Mushikamado", the predecessor of the modern day Kamado. 

The original  moveable"Mushikamado" was a round earthenware pot with a dome-shaped lid. Like the modern day Kamado, it too had simple ventilation openings above and below that easily and accurately controlled temperature. 

Over the years, like the Kamado, The Kamado Club (TKC) has grown to become a dedicated Kamado "Fan Club" bringing together the world's greatest recipes, cool techniques, special events, and so much more to honour this incredible ancient tool that's changed the way we've eaten for thousands of years.

We pride ourselves on creating a fun, collaborative and inclusive environment, where people from all walks of life can come together in unity, learn something new and share a passion for cooking on a Kamado.

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Kamadoclub Latest Logo.png
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