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Bacon Waffles….could it be?

So it’s not done on the BGE but they were eaten next to the Egg so it sorta counts. Heather and I saw a quick snippet on “Man vs. Food” and it showed bacon waffles for a brief moment.  As Roman is the waffle king of the household and as all kings have a queen, his queen said…”I want some of that!….NOW”

So, bright and early on Saturday morning, chef Roman mixed up a batch of Belgian Waffle Batter and fried up some Danish bacon (clearly a European thing…)  The combination of these two magical delights was “FOODGASMIC!” Roman’s son Alex and his mate Jack also judged the new dish…the silence at the table was a sure sign that the waffles hit the mark! Seconds, thirds and one fourth surely suggests that we’ll be making these again…perhaps next Saturday?

Thank you food channel and thank you to the little piggy that gave its life so selflessly….all for our  enjoyment!

Yeah Bacon!

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