Happy Birthday Grilled Kobassa!

So dinner?  Thanks to two great friends, Roman & Olena that came to visit us a few months back, we stocked up the freezer with a few vacuum packed links of Toronto’s own Ukrainian Kobassa (commonly known in Polish as Kielbasa.)

I thawed out one such link and prepped some chive and parsley mash (found here on Epicurious.com) along with the leftover salad that Heather made that consisted of beetroot, carrot, apple, garlic, sesame, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar and lots of love…

I grilled the kobassa at 400 degrees for a few minutes on each side. At one point, she split in half as if to tell me, Roman….I’m ready. So Heather and I obliged and tucked right in.

In all, tonight’s dinner was simple, cost effective and most importantly devoured with love for one of the best fathers/grandfathers in the world, celebrating his 70th birthday today.

We all love you Tato and sorry we can’t celebrate in person!

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