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Heather’s Christmas Turkey

So here’s how it all went down. It was on Saturday morning that Heather pretty much gave me my Christmas present a bit early. She leaned over and whispered in my ear…”you can do the turkey on the egg this year…” Well, that was it…I jumped for joy and set out to combine Heather’s own recipe for festive poultry and my methods for smoking and finishing on the Big Green Egg. A few hours well spent produced a fantastic turkey, not to mention all the other trimmings that Heather is famous for.

Very early on the 24th we went to visit our peeps at the Butcher, Jack and Pete. You can tell by the look on Pete’s face, he was a tad busy while Jack maintained his ear to ear grin throughout our visit. I told him we’ll make him famous by posting his mug on the internet with this here blog entry. Anyway, the boys came through again. The 5.2 kg bird and all the fixins’ from the Butcher were all packed up and waiting for us though I did get a bit nervous when Pete disappeared for a good 10 minutes to find our order. When Heather and I came home it was time to prep our unfeathered friend. A quick wash, removal of the thermo-popper thingy and quick rinse of the insides, our birdie was ready to get dressed.