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A Big Green Goose-B-Que

Hiya folks!  Well Sunday has come and gone and we had the pleasure of hosting our good friends the Owens’ girls.  Lucy “Goosey” Owens and mum Cynthia are regulars at “Chez Matla” and Sunday nights just wouldn’t be the same without an impromptu BBQ.  There was a catch this time however…Lucy “Goosey” was on deck to cook tonight.  Roman helped, but only with a bit of guidance and well any time that putting an 11 year old in harms way took place…which was rare if ever!  The whole point of tonight’s dinner was to empower Lucy to grill like any of the boys do… in fact, if she gets it right now….her poor boyfriends will be kicking themselves in the future!

So on the menu tonight, simple steaks, baked potato and steamed asparagus…and by far the BEST DESSERT HEATHER HAS EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER baked….Marzipan Cheesecake!  Wawa-Wee-Wah!

No need for ingredients tonight as the steaks were done as per normal…a few short minutes…the tatties were perfect, the asparagus was easily steamed but the dessert…NO WAY WILL WE SHARE THAT RECIPE!  That’s the one that’s going to make Heather famous one day!  Cheers! R and Goose!

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