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Well, well,'s been over two years since I've posted. Lets just say life's gotten in the way. But, with that said, I'm posting this recipe as the EASIEST way to enjoy real beefy flavour in about three hours.

What you'll need is a three bone rack of beef short ribs, a rotiesserie for your kamado, some kosher salt and pepper with a chunk of maple wood for good measure.

Liberally salt the ribs with koser salt and apply freshly ground pepper to the meat side of the ribs. Skewer it through your rotisserie rod and get it over the flame.

To set up the cook, bank your charcoal to the back of your kamado and settle the temperature to about 350F.

Let her rip and cook for 3 hours. Your internal temp should read 203F.

What makes this recipe so good is it's totally hands off. Once the rotisserie starts spinning, go prep some sides, have a cold one and simply wait.

Once your magic temp is reached, CAREFULLY remove the rotisserie rod and slide the ribs onto a cutting board. You can let them rest for about 5 minutes or heck, carve em up right away. The rib meat will slide off the bone effortlessly. Cut against the grain making your slices about a quarter inch.

The rotisserie allows the ribs to self baste in their own fat. The salt and pepper amplify that insane beefiness and well, it's dead easy to do.

Let me know how it goes!


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