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Amazing Lamb Tenderloin

So, being the silly man that I am, you’d think I could have taken a photo of the inside of this tenderloin? Nope – first bite was all it took….I was hooked and thank goodness the family kept their hands away from my mouth! This was by far one of the tastiest and easiest lamb recipes EVER! (and please do excuse the photo as it does look like a lump of dog turd…but rest assured, it tasted so much better!)

Here’s what you’ll need to blow everyone’s mind!

  1. A pack of chilled lamb tenderloins from our friends at QB (for those in Singapore – I HIGHLY recommend them! – the cost was about $4.25/loin and you get 12!)

  2. Take out six of them and freeze the rest!

  3. Rinse the with cold water. Pat them dry and arrange in a shallow dish.

  4. Liberally coat the loins in quality olive oil and then rub in equal parts with the following dry herbs:

  5. sea salt, black peppercorn, rosemary, roasted garlic, and dried lemon rind (or basically buy Cape Herb and Spice Lamb Rub!)

Let that sit in the dish and put it back in the fridge for a few hours.

Now go set up your grill for indirect heat and stabilise at 400F (204C). Once ready to grill, insert a temperature probe into one of the loins and arrange them on the grill to get the nice sear marks. Turn them every two to three minutes until the internal temperature hits 130F. At that point, they’re almost ready. Pull them off and now remove your plate setter (or alternatively, get your grill really hot!) Put the loins back on for about 2 more minutes to crisp up the exterior. Keep your grill lid open so you’re only cooking the outside! Total grilling time was only 13 minutes and your internal temperature should be between 135F and 140F maximum.

Tent your tenderloins with some aluminium foil when they come off and go prepare a few slices of halloumi cheese and a spinach/feta salad. Rest the tenderloin for about 10 minutes. When you’re all set, pour a glass of wine and toast the chef!

Exceptional taste, incredible tenderness and something I’ll do again and again! (this dish reminds me a lot of the rabbit loin I had in Edinburgh during Heather’s birthday dinner!)

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Overall Heather Rating: 10/10

PS – Happy Birthday Mama!

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