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Balsamic Honey Drizzled Salmon

Now we loves us some salmon at the best of times and last night I dialed up a recipe from the manufacturers of our cedar planks (that we use on the BGE) and this simple, simple, simple way of grilling salmon yields a lip-smacking experience like none other.  Honestly, of all the cedar plank salmon recipes we’ve posted on the blog, this one was the easiest and possibly the tastiest! Big thanks to the Cedar Grilling Company located in the booming metropolis of Ballinafad, Ontario!  Support the local guys that are a five minute drive from where I spent my summers at camp!


  1. 3 salmon fillets from the wet market

  2. Salt

  3. Pepper

  4. Olive oil

  5. Lemon wedge


  1. Soak plank for two to six hours in water

  2. Dry plank and coat top surface lightly with olive oil

  3. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and fresh pepper on plank

  4. Heat pre-soaked plank on BBQ grill for 5 minutes

  5. Place salmon fillets on preheated plank

  6. Grind some fresh black pepper (to taste) and squeeze a wedge of lemon over the salmon

  7. Cook on medium heat (400 F) until salmon is flaky (approximately 15-20 minutes)

  8. If using an ‘instant read’ meat thermometer, the fillet temperature should be 125-130°F  (52-55°C)

  9. Carefully transfer the salmon to a serving plate

  10. Drizzle the finishing sauce on salmon sparingly

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