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BBQ Beef Ribs Another First!

Took a trip up to the butcher and picked up 1.3 kg of beef ribs for tonight’s culinary experiment. We’d never done beef ribs before and given the success of pork lady and her pork ribs why mess with perfection?  However this recipe, WOW, a lot more expensive but it was worth the proof of concept and every last lip smacking bite.  The Big Green Egg turns any cut of meat into a work of art.

The prep was simple…make sure the ribs are at room temperature then coat them with an even sprinkling of your favorite BBQ rub – mine is still borrowed from Righteous Urban BBQ in NYC.  Make sure the coating is even but not overdone – the trick is to season the meat in such as way that no matter where you bite down or cut, you’ll get the same explosive flavour combination.