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BBQ Beef Ribs Another First!

Got to thank my dear friend Ayako for this recipe idea -どうもありがとうございます!

Took a trip up to the butcher and picked up 1.3 kg of beef ribs for tonight’s culinary experiment. We’d never done beef ribs before and given the success of pork lady and her pork ribs why mess with perfection?  However this recipe, WOW, a lot more expensive but it was worth the proof of concept and every last lip smacking bite.  The Big Green Egg turns any cut of meat into a work of art.

The prep was simple…make sure the ribs are at room temperature then coat them with an even sprinkling of your favorite BBQ rub – mine is still borrowed from Righteous Urban BBQ in NYC.  Make sure the coating is even but not overdone – the trick is to season the meat in such as way that no matter where you bite down or cut, you’ll get the same explosive flavour combination.

Fire up the BGE with the plate setter popped in with the legs up and get it to a a steady 300 degrees F.  Place a drip pan with aluminium foil on top of the plate setter and then your rib rack inside the drip pan.  Place your ribs in the rack, close the lid and take off for 2.5 – 3 hours.  LOW & SLOW!

Once your timer pings, take the ribs off and give them a bit of a rest covered in foil and a tea towel.  Now get the EGG up to 500 degrees F and then place the ribs back on the grid (yes, pull the v-rack off and place the grid on top of the plate setter.)  Smother (and I mean smother) the ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce – for this one, I made a batch of KC rib sauce compliments of the BGE cookbook.  I like my BBQ sauce a bit sweet so this is the sauce for me!  A simple salad and a baked potato to compliment some of the most tender and tasty beef I’ve ever tried.

Enjoy the slide show!  R

PS – notice the “shrinkage” that happens (now I only thought that was possible on dive trips in cool water!) We saw easily 35-40% retraction but what that did was consolidate all that flavour and puff out the tender meat!

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