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Farewell to a good friend

When you live in Singapore, you get used to the transient nature of this place with people coming in and out of your life. That said, it never really gets any easier when good friends leave and so this post is not about a recipe but a farewell note to our good friend Markus!  Good luck in London my friend and keep in touch, especially when you purchase your Big Green (English) Egg!

Here’s what Markus had to say about the modest rack of lamb dinner we had together last week!

“As my three year stint in Singapore is drawing to an end, I was invited by Heather and Roman to spend an evening at their house and experience the output of the Big Green Asian Egg. I had never seen a Green Egg before, let alone tasted anything prepared on one. Roman had told me lots about it though and I was incredibly curious to see it and verify if the results could measure up to the promise. The verdict is ‘absolutely yes it can’! It has to be said that while the Egg grilled the lamb rack to perfection, the preparation of the meal also required a lot of skill and dedication by the hosts. Roman had marinated the lamb for a day and given it a crust of curry that made it absolutely delicious. The asparagus was also just the way I love it and Heather’s salad matched everything perfectly. Shiraz was the right choice of wine. Thanks Heather and Roman for a wonderful evening with great food in the lushness of their backyard. The only downside is, now I have yet another thing I will miss again about Singapore when I sit back home in the European winter. One thing is for certain though: I will also have a Big Green Egg in my backyard. – Markus.”

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