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Lamburgers (for the lads at The Butcher!)

In hopes of getting a huge discount, I’m dedicating this blog entry to the always nutty folks at The Butcher located on 44 Jalan Merah Saga right in the heart of Chip Bee Gardens in Singapore. The lads there are always ready for a bit of banter and they consistently provide good suggestions when it comes to grilling different cuts of meat.  I left the guys our blog address to have a peek…so if you’re reading boys, I need a discount on all the charcoal I buy from you!

Anyway I digress, last night being a lazy Friday night, I walked up to The Butcher and grabbed 6 pre-made lamb burger patties – they’re a wonderful blend of lamb mince, rosemary and mint.

Once at home I set the BGE at 400 degrees F, and the burgs were done perfectly at 4 minutes per side. I let them rest for about 3 minutes under some aluminium foil and a tea towel.  Once ready to serve, we cut up some homemade buns, added a bit of Brett’s salad and a couple of big russet potatoes.

Juicy is the operative word when it comes to these lamburgers!  The Big Green Egg simply doesn’t dry anything out and as a result, we had the best “lamburgers” money can buy.

To the boys at The Butcher, as always, thanks lads and see you next weekend for more charcoal! – Roman

PS – BIG THANKS to our guests for the evening, auntie Barbara and uncle Brett.  We had a great day and looking forward to brunch and hockey tomorrow morning!  GO VANCOUVER!

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