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Lamburgers (for the lads at The Butcher!)

Anyway I digress, last night being a lazy Friday night, I walked up to The Butcher and grabbed 6 pre-made lamb burger patties – they’re a wonderful blend of lamb mince, rosemary and mint.

Once at home I set the BGE at 400 degrees F, and the burgs were done perfectly at 4 minutes per side. I let them rest for about 3 minutes under some aluminium foil and a tea towel.  Once ready to serve, we cut up some homemade buns, added a bit of Brett’s salad and a couple of big russet potatoes.

Juicy is the operative word when it comes to these lamburgers!  The Big Green Egg simply doesn’t dry anything out and as a result, we had the best “lamburgers” money can buy.

To the boys at The Butcher, as always, thanks lads and see you next weekend for more charcoal! – Roman

PS – BIG THANKS to our guests for the evening, auntie Barbara and uncle Brett.  We had a great day and looking forward to brunch and hockey tomorrow morning!  GO VANCOUVER!

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