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Skewered Meatballs with Rosemary Flatbread, Carrot Salad & Spinach Yoghurt

And who says watching TV is bad for you?  Heather, Alex, Kalyna and I were having a very lazy Sunday afternoon yesterday and as such we all vegged in front of the tube for about 2 hours.  What did we watch?  Australia Junior Master Chef, Master Class… Hoping to get the kids interested in cooking, we watched with salivating mouths.

The show featured skewered meatballs with rosemary flat bread, carrot salad and spinach yoghurt – it looked absolutely easy to make and even better to taste.  Now it hast to be said, we’ve been grilling almost every night for the past two months so I wanted to take a bit of a rest yesterday.  This is where a great partner comes in beautifully!  Heather offered to do all the cooking prep and all I had to do was grill the meatballs!  That I can do!

We decided to have dinner in the garden with the birds chirping and the sound of construction in the distant background making for a perfect way to cap a weekend.

Have fun with this recipe and as a side note, have two people handle the flat bread in humid conditions like we have here in Singapore…makes for less sticking and better results!

Bon Apetite from R&H

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