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Wok this way… BBQ Prawn tonight!


850 grams raw prawns, cleaned, unpeeled and keep the heads on….all the flavour comes from the wee prawn noggins! 3 teaspoons cornflour 1.5 teaspoon salt 2 egg whites 2 teaspoon curry powder Vegetable oil for the wok 1 large onion 1/2 teaspoon sugar 3 teaspoons chili paste (only had mild in the house…) but if you want some heat, add a few red chili peppers! 5 tablespoons heavy cream 1/2 yellow capsicum, sliced


Put cornflour, salt and unbeaten egg white into a bowl, mix well. Add prawns, mix well and allow to stand for 1 hour.

Heat vegetable oil in a wok on the grill over high heat. Add prawns and fry quickly for 2 minutes or until prawns are just cooked. Remove from pan.

Put some more vegetable oil in the wok and add the onion, saute for 2 minutes. Add curry powder and sugar, stir for 1 minute. Return prawns to the pan and stir for 1 minute. Add chili paste and cream, bring to the boil, then try to simmer for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Add yellow capsicum (pepper.) Remove from heat.

We served this with left over brown/chicken rice and a couple of cold beers!  Even after washing our hands three of four times (with soap), the smell of the curry and chili permeates!  A delicious recipe that took very little time to prepare and even less time to cook.  This one’s for you Anand!


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