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Another favourite rotisserie recipe is this bone in leg of lamb done in a South African style, turned into tacos with mango salsa! Whaaaaaaat???

So this was one of my all time favourites of 2022 and I encourage anyone with a rotisserie to give this a try! Here's what you'll need:


* 1 bone-in leg of lamb

* 6 cloves of garlic

* 6 pieces of sliced fresh ginger

Mango Salsa

Marinade and basting sauce

First you'll need to prep your leg of lamb by cutting small slits about 1/2" deep all around the joint, studding the meat with garlic and ginger slices. These act like little flavour bombs that explode as the leg spins on the rotisserie. Don't bother with trimming it too much, just the big chunkis of globular fat but the rest will totally render as this cooks. Next prepare your marinade. Combine all the ingredients in a sauce pan, bar the salt and pepper. Warm the sauce over medium heat to dissolve the sugar and let it simmer for five minutes. Once done, let it cool a bit then season with salt and pepper as desired. Place the leg of lamb in a roasting pan and spread the marinade all over the joint. Now, plonk it in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours...go longer if you can. When ready, set up your firebox by loading the lit coals at the back, leaving the area immediately under the rotisserie rod clear. Skewer the leg of lamb and get it on the kamado. Let it spin gently over the flames. Set up your kamado at 350F. Let it go until your internal temperature hits 140F but give the leg of lamb a basting of the reseved marinade every half hour. This ensures an insane crust and the flavour just gets richer and richer. Once you pull the leg of lamb off the kamado, let it rest for about twenty minutes. When you're ready to serve, grab your gloves, hold the rotiserrie rod on an angle and cut it at an angle over a cutting board. The smell will blow you away! Get some soft tortillas ready and toast them on the grill, then spoon on some mango salsa and coriander. Take a big bite and thank the chef! Enjoy and let me know how it goes! R

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