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How NOT to “Burp” an Egg

All eggheads have done this at one time or another… They’ve burned all the hair off their arms and possibly their faces too.  Why?  Burping the egg or I should say incorrectly burping the egg. Tonight I was grilling some seriously good steaks and wanted Heather to capture what it looks like if you’re not careful in burping the egg.  First, I would tell you that investing in a pair of heavy duty leather gloves is a potential life saver and with them I would caution everyone anyway – this is not for the fainthearted.

I digress…. So if you are grilling at high temperatures, you’ll really need to be careful when you open the dome of the grill.  Here’s what the BGE website tells you:

“Note, if you’ve been cooking at temperatures above 300 degrees F, be very careful when opening the lid. First, raise the lid and inch or two and pause to “burp” it before raising the lid completely. This will allow the sudden rush of oxygen to burn safely inside the EGG and not as a flashback which could startle you and possibly cause injury.”

Genius!  The first time I flashed the egg I nearly sh@t myself.  I proceeded to burp a few more times, once in front of guests which  made them quite possible sh@t themselves as well.  After many attempts at burping properly and cleaning up around the egg I’ve finally got it, but tonight’s purpose was to show you what it looks like and the potential and very real danger that lies within the egg… check out the photo series below.  And yes, I walked away with only a tiny bit of singe between my elbow and armpit!  What I do for a good show!

Happy Burping!

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