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Lamb Kebabs with Brett…

Another stroke of easy genius from the egg.  Lamb kebabs with bacon wrapped scallops, fridge salad and Brett Queen!

Simple as ever, fire up the BGE to about 400 degrees F and place your kebabs on the grill and you’re good to go for about 3 1/2 minutes per side for a perfect medium rare.  The kebabs were really simple and contained only 4 large chunks of lamb, onion and green pepper coated in a little olive oil and Roman’s secret BBQ rub.  I wrapped up 6 scallops in bacon and sprinkled some old bay on them as everything tastes better with bacon and old bay, and put them on right next to the kebabs.  Pretty much turned both the kebabs and the scallops only twice to yield a perfect dish.

I asked our good buddy Brett to write the blog comment on this meal and I think that’s the way I’m gonna go – always include what the customers say – after all, they’re the ones who bring the wine!

So, from Brett to you:  “Ahh Green Egg how I covet thee. I dream at night of spiriting you away, well maybe not since the damn thing weighs 300 pounds. It would take me and a team of four guys to carry it, but oh I do love the food you give forth. I was lucky enough to be invited over to Heather and Romans for some lamb kabobs and a fridge salad, you know the type where you open the fridge door and throw whatever leftovers you can find into a bowl and say “Hey there’s a salad” (they are usually the best kind), and for something so simple damn was it ever good. The lamb was done to perfection, just on the rare side of medium and the onions were still crunchy, perfect. Roman tells me he has had a couple, and by a couple I mean literally 2, misses on the egg but I have trouble believing him because everything I have sampled has been fantastic. It was a great evening for a few of reasons, 1) the food of course, 2) the company of very good friends and 3) Kalyna didn’t throw up on me so I consider it a home run all round. Thanks for the grub guys and I look forward to the next grilling (could it be crab?????)

Go to to see pics of the egg in all its glory.”

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