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Hiya Eggheads!  This post is dedicated to “Zoom” The Lamb-Man at West Coast Market! He’s the man with the mutton and the widest grin life has to offer!

About a week ago I woke up really early and hit the market at 7:30 am (so much for a Sunday lie-in…) to get me some mutton. We had originally planned to have our pals Barb and Brett over for dinner but sadly, the Singapore flu had Barb, Heather and Alex within its evil grip and well I had to do something… so onward with dinner.  I wasn’t going to let $28 whole dollars of mutton go to waste.

A real easy way to prep dinner thanks to Jamie Oliver.  Look up his lamb shoulder recipe and you’ll be amazed at how simple this is.  Better yet, if you get a cut of mutton which is meat of “lesser” quality than a spring lamb, you’ll not only save a lot of money but with this recipe you’ll bring a tough piece of meat to heavenly heights in terms of texture and taste.

Jamie cooks his lamb shoulder with the potatoes and veg done separately. We, on the other hand, chuck it all in together in an aluminium tray with 4 times (yes 4 times) the garlic called for along with rosemary, olive oil, onion, carrots and potatoes.  Seal it all nice and tight and slap it all on the grill for 4 hours!  Now its not cheating in that this meat cooks in its own tray…the point is, the Big Green Egg basically turns your oven into an overpriced storage cabinet.

Once done, let the mutton rest for a bit by putting a tea towel over the tray.  It will stay warm for ages or until you wake up all the sickies in the house and get them to sit upright at the table.  Yes…I forced Alex and Heather to eat with me and they gracefully obliged with a pecking that would have made a sparrow look like a pig!  I, on the other hand had a wonderful dinner and helped myself to seconds.

There must have been some medicinal properties uncovered with this dinner as two hours after we ate, Alex suddenly developed an appetite of Herculean proportion and he polished off a huge plateful of mutton and veg!  Nothing like comfort food to nourish one back to health!

The beauty of this recipe is that the mutton keeps for a few days and can feed a family 2 or 3 times over- what a great way to stretch your dinner dollars!

Thanks Zoom for a not so Baaaaaaaaaaaa-ad dinner!

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