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New Year Wagyu Steaks

Ah, the first post of 2012! Happy New Year friends! Heather and I were lucky enough to bring in the bells with our family and friends by our side. Looking back at the year that was it was easy to laugh at the good times and even easier to by-pass the rough ones.  We celebrated into the wee hours of the 1st and then set out to have our annual family beach day. Following that, Alex went off to a pal’s place and Heather, Kalyna and I decided to rock up to the market to see what was on offer….and wouldn’t ya know it? Wagyu beef on sale!  Result!

So the recipe for this is easy as and really if you’re new to grilling steak, please take my word for it…don’t over do it.  With beef this good, let it do all the talking when it comes to flavour!

Bring up your steaks to room temperature and season them with nothing more than a dash of Kosher salt and some freshly ground pepper.  Let that side aside while you get your grill on and mess about with your sides. For this dinner we opted for roasted potatoes with garlic, baby portobello mushrooms and good old grilled corn.  I also had a small rack of ribs that I fired up so as not to waste them…they’ll do for lunch today!

I did the ribs, potatoes, mushrooms and corn all before the steaks.  Why? Well, the steaks only take 2 minutes on each side to grill.  I raised the grill temperature from its usual 400 degrees F to about 600 F for the steaks.  Once ready, I carefully opened the dome and placed the steaks on the grid.  Set the timer for two minutes and flip for another two once it beeps.  4 minutes in total yields a wonderful medium rare steak. I pulled them both off and wrapped them in aluminium foil to let them rest. ALWAYS rest your meat after it’s been grilled.  For these steaks, 5-7 minutes allowed for perfect redistribution of the juicy goodness inside.

Simple…that’s it.  Nothing overly complicated and some delicious result.  According to Heather, this Wagyu was one of the best steaks we’ve ever had.  There you go…keep your eyes peeled for 50% discounts on Wagyu beef!

Cheers and Happy New Year again!

Roman & clan

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Overall Heather Rating: 9/10

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