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Poke in the Rib-eye… ;-)

Now steak need not be complicated at all.  In fact, the simpler the prep, the better the taste.  We like to season our steaks with some Kosher salt, ground pepper and a patting of corn starch.  The corn starch trick I remember from the Black Angus steakhouse on Dundas St in Etobicoke, Ontario.  Not sure if they’re still there but they did grill some of the best steak I can remember.

Anyway, we also added some shitake mushrooms to the mix with garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, rosemary and time…I think there may have been some other ingredients but truth be told, who cares, the steaks were the star attraction for this grilling.

Preheat the egg to 700 degrees F – nice and hot and ALWAYS be careful when opening the dome so as not to cause a backdraft-type blow up in your face.  To achieve a nice medium rare, these were grilled for 2 minutes per side x 2 to achieve the cross hatch char marks.  I may actually pull them off a minute earlier just to get them really rare but suit yourself.

With Alex and Heather completely silent during dinner, I knew these steaks were a treat!  I would recommend though you only do rib eyes this expensive for very special occasions!

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