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The Egg goes to India


We’ve never really tried to cook any traditional Indian food before and well, now with one of the best Tandoori ovens available, we had no excuse but to try.  Our mission?   Tandoori Chicken with Garlic Naan bread.  The recipe we used was right out of the BGE cookbook (page 100 for the chicken and page 217 for the naan!)

To quote the BGE cookbook, “A tandoor is the traditional oven used to cook this typical Indian dish. The tandoor can be charcoal burning or wood burning and can reach almost 500 degrees F.  This is where the EGG really shines; with its ability to reach high temperatures, it can reproduce any tandoori dish. Garam masala, a traditional Indian spice blend, is combined with yogurt to marinate the tandoori chicken.  Pair it with Naan Bread for a perfect Indian meal.”

So the chicken marinated for just about 30 hours in a zip-top bag in the fridge.  The combination of cilantro, garlic, garam masala, cumin, curry and peanut oil made for a smell that was simply intoxicating.  Once marinated the chicken took only 30 mins to grill to perfection.  The naan was initially a bit tricky but after only one sorry looking test bread, the others turned out beautifully.  Incidentally, I baked the naan first and then simply reheated them once the chicken was off the grill and rested.

Now the real test would of course be to have my dear friend Anand and his beautiful wife Kavita try this dish to give me the “Bombay Thumbs Up!”  Perhaps this blog entry will entice them to make the trip to Singapore to partake in the “Eggness” that has now crossed over into the wonderful and exciting world of Indian cuisine!


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