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We’ve got CRABS!!!!!

When someone yells, “I’ve got crabs….” most people would look at you with a funny look and suggest you’d see the doctor for a course of antibiotics. Well, in our case we literally had the best case of crabs tonight.  8 gorgeous live flower crab from Sheng Siong in the west end that cost much lest than eating in any fine crabery in Singapore.

Easy peasy recipe but the hard part was keeping these guys alive long enough.  When in doubt put the crabs in a zip top bag and in to the freezer.  They go to sleep peacefully until its time to thaw and get whacked!

Prep is simply a bit of soft butter and a whole heap of Old Bay!  Fire up the BGE to 400 F and put the crabs on for 10 minutes – 5 on each side.  Once the shells go a bright red colour, take them off and wrap them up in tin foil.  That way they’ll continue to cook but not dry out in the least.

Special thanks to Lucy Owens who not only tried a tiny bit of crab but also helped one of the crab meet her maker.  Not too bad for an 11 year old!  Cynthia, Heather, Lucy and Roman had a fabulous dinner, great wine and topped off with homemade creme brule.  Thanks H – nice touch!

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