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Wood Fired Pizza for Thanksgiving

The dough was easy enough to make but I must admit, I think with the humidity of Singapore alone caused the “yeasty beasties” to go nuts and well what was meant to be a thin crust pizza, ended up being about half way to a Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza instead. The dough also needed some pizzaz as a result.  Too much of it, though it came out fine, there was just too much!  Next time I intend on seasoning the dough with more salt, pepper and herbs from the garden.  A good helping of dried oregano also gives any pizza a slightly more authentic flavour.

The recipe I followed was none other than Meathead’s Roman Style pizza dough.  Click here for the recipe and instructions.  I mean it is easy as “Pizza” pie to make but next time instead of using two halves, I’ll split the finished and proofed dough into thirds and roll it out thinner than I did.  That said, if you’re firing these pizzas up on a Big Green Egg at 500 degrees, you only need about 9-10 minutes (or less with a thinner crust) but more on that later.