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Fred Flintstone Ribz

So Roman has been tinkering around with this recipe for a while. Different rubs, different sauces, different cooking methods and just lots of practice. We had 11 people coming over for dinner and he was determined to get it right so warm up for this night included a practice session on the Tuesday night which meant we were starving waiting for the ribs to be finished which was 9.00pm.

It was worth it because by Jove I think he’s got it. Here are the step by step photos

Rubbing the ribs

The secret to any incredible result is what you start with.  So, for this little ditty, we got us some Fred Flintstone-style ribs from the West Coast Market.  If you remember the opening sequence to the Flintstones’ cartoon, the family car flips over when the waitress places the Brontosaurus Ribs on the side of the car…these were just about the same size!

Moving along, you have to start with the dry rib rub, Roman has been favoring a recipe from Righteous Urban Barbecue in New York. Don’t over do it here but make sure you’ve got an even coating that will explode with flavor no matter where you bite the rib. Have your egg pre-heated to 275F and insert the place setter, drip pan, grate and rib rack.

Ribs after 2-3hrs

It is really important at this point to try and stabilize the temperature before you add the ribs. This is also a good point to add in a handful of presoaked wood chips.  All I can get at the local store is Hickory but I must say, the strong smokey taste adds to the result.  At this point add the ribs, close the egg and patiently cook for around 2-3hrs depending on the thickness of your ribs. Again it is really important that you have stabilized the cooking temperature. Try not to peek…the egg must be trusted!