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The Magic Behind the Ribs – Thank you “Pork Lady!”

Hi everyone… if you recall my advice on a good grilling its all about the quality of the ingredients you use.  In the case of our now regionally famous Fred Flintstone pork ribs, I wanted to share with you the lady behind the cut.

Simply known to us as the “Pork Lady”, our good friend at the West Coast Market can be found butchering massive cuts of pork from the wee hours of the morning until late in the afternoon.  Her precision, that of a surgeon. Her smile could melt an iceberg and her prices…well, that’s the best part of all!

Her prices are phenomenal and I doubt you’d get ribs of this quality for this price anywhere else on the island. $60 for 3.2 kg of ribs…NO WAY! It pays to be a repeat customer and a smile cost you nothing in return.  She’s a blessing and we owe many a good burp to her mastery of the butcher knife!

The meal preparation of course is no different than one of our earlier posts….I won’t repeat myself however I did want to upload a few pictures just to get the taste buds jealous!

Thanks for reading and bon apetite!

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