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Valentine’s Grilled Lobster

Three letters come to mind when I try to describe tonight’s meal….


So Heather and I had a “nice” Valentine’s evening spent with a great friend and colleague Everett.  The best part of it all was that Ev picked up the tab for an awesome meal at Original Sin, and for that we’re both eternally grateful.  So, using my better judgment I decided that I’d surprise Heather with our own home cooked romantic meal three days after Valentines Day featuring….Egged LOBSTER and all the trimmings! Clearly the romance hasn’t petered out!

I ran down to Cold Storage to find the uncle behind the fish counter quite happy to sell me Canadian lobsters from Boston?!?!?  I hadn’t the time to go into the geography lesson that I so wanted to get into and so I purchased two 1.5 lbs lobbies along with some sweet corn and a few tatties.  Better than the uncle was the auntie at the counter who nearly had a heart attack trying to scan two very squirmy and peeved lobsters.  Really wish I had taken a video camera with me.

OK, so I get home, prep the goods and now time to kill said lobster.  No problem….a sharp chef’s knife to the head and voila….dead said lobster.  To season, clarified butter (a faff if I’ve ever gone through one), kosher salt, pepper and some heavy whipping cream.  (I can just see my cholesterol level shooting up something fierce tonight!)  10 Minutes on the grill with a heaftey basting of heavy cream every two minutes and my goodness, the goodness that ensued!

Check out the photos and once again….THANK YOU BIG GREEN EGG for a meal that was soooooooooo good, we’ll do this for every upcoming Valentine’s Day that comes our way!

Bon Apetite all you Roman-tics!

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